Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome to the New AMP Imprint

First Happy Anniversary Aspen Mountain Press
And congratulations to all those Tourist who have made it this far.

Welcome to Aura…AMP’s new Speculative Fiction imprint!

 It’s still early days, but we at AMP have to tell you we are thrilled at how the imprint is shaping up. We’re getting in a flow of very good manuscripts, covering all the range of Speculative Fiction: horror, science fiction, fantasy. We’ve even got short stories and Young Adult works arriving—enough that we should be able to start off with a full schedule from the very start.

We’re also going to be gathering together some of the best of AMP’s previous Speculative Fiction titles and authors, giving a home to works by reliable authors such as Chris Morrow, whose horror writing is solid gold, to Celina Summers’ Asphodel Cycle. The combination of old gold and new-mined treasure is going to ensure that our readers will be able to enjoy a broad range of material from the very start.

We’re even working on developing an appropriate format for short fiction, debating the pros and cons of magazine format, anthology, and individual titles. I have to admit, we’re not quite sure what way we want to jump with that: it’s one of the exciting things about working on the imprint: we’re getting to invent new forms for an entirely new medium and new distribution system, and that means we can’t just assume the old forms will do the job.

It’s a thrilling and humbling experience, one designed to make one realize how much a publishing imprint depends on the talents of so many people. WE are excited by our fellows in AMP who are contributing, We are thrilled by our writers—and looking forward to meeting our readers.

So, again, welcome. Please, join us and leave a comment—and be prepared to come visit us on October 1st, when we will be launching with a line-up well suited to a Hallowe’en flight of fancy.

One Lucky winner will win a PDF Copy of Celina Summers The Reckoning of Asphodel.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aura Accepting Submissions


Welcome to Aura Speculative Fiction, the newest imprint of Aspen Mountain Press!

Aura intends to be the Great Read source for speculative fiction. We will happily snap up your dark visions of fantastic genius and stellar spires of art...on one condition: We must believe it will delight someone who is tired, had a rough day at work, and who hungers for a fun, memorable read. Why?
Because, frankly, we suspect most of our readers are tired, had rough days, and are so hungry for a great read they're starving--for all the flavors of speculative fiction, from creep-you-out horror, to Neo-Silver-Age, to the most mecha-mad Steampunk rhapsodies. Fun. Fast. Adventurous.

We are interested in new material and debut authors: we dream you will send us novels, novellas, and short stories to satisfy this generation, and get the incoming YA generation hooked on SF. If you are a pro with a backlist, and you own your rights, we are also very interested in both new works and reprints. Aura can serve as a happy medium between finding an Old Media Publisher, and self-publishing. We provide a way of keeping your writing available, generating interest and income. Your works will get new artwork, new proofing and editing (if you wish) and get to an audience of new spec fic fans. Why do all the work yourself when we will do it for you?

We are actively seeking: science fiction, both hard and soft; fantasy, from epic to urban and in between; horror, all types; Steampunk; cyberpunk; dystopian stories and anything else that falls beneath the wide SF umbrella.

What we are NOT seeking: SF erotica. Romantic subplots are fine, but cannot comprise the majority of the storyline.

We are accepting stories of all lengths—from short stories for the Aura Flash line ( up to 20K words) to epics of 100k. We will accept stories that are above the upper limit if the story is sufficiently well-developed to justify the pages. Stand-alone stories and serial stories alike are equally welcome.
Send all submissions to aurasubmissions(AT)auraspecfic(DOT)com, following the AMP submission guidelines below. And keep an eye out for our website, blog and social networking sites - all coming to you in October 2011!